• Illustrator•Abstract Painter• Graffiti writer •Designer •Comic book artist

Born in New York City in 1980, See One has been fueled by creative curiosity joined with a big imagination ever since picking up a crayon. See One began illustrating as a young child inspired by his love for comic books, Japanese animation and the colorful graffiti of the late 80’s and 90’s. 
Writing graffiti since 1997 See One wanted to expand into fine arts. In 2009 the artist created a style termed “Shards,” colorful, layered, swirling, sharp shapes reminiscent of broken shards of glass weaved in between tags, drips and texture. His style emerged onto canvases and walls that has come to represent New York’s brand of contemporary graffiti hybrid abstraction. Initially based on a simple concept, See One utilized the jagged lines of broken glass to build imagery that is layered with complexities. Layers of tags, collage and his signature shards, culminate to mirror the artist’s layered past.
See One has been exhibiting his works since 2007 in New York City, Miami, The Hamptons, and London in solo and group shows.The artist was also featured in Wooster Collective 10th Anniversary Magazine culminating the past 10 years of influential New York City graffiti and street art culture.  
The artist’s current work reflects a shift in subject matter toward pop art & childhood inspirations. This term “Shard pop“ is the artists current focus, blending his signature style into animated figures to create a hybrid of both abstract expressionism & pop iconography.
In addition the his signature Shards style, See One always had a strong interest in characters. Over the years, these interests have been honed to the adventures of a singular character, Miru. This little blue dragon has made appearances in the artist’s public work through wheat pastes, stickers, comics and murals and can often be found as a hidden signature in See One's paintings. His toothy grin, red stripe, and tiny wings peek around New York City’s darkened corners, brightening the day for those who encounter this mischievous character. In 2016 See One became the first graffiti writer to take his original character off the walls and into mainstream published comic books. The Adventures of Miru mini-series debuted in July 2016, published by Action Lab Entertainment. The series was available in the US and Europe at all major comic retailers.


Clients incude:








Off the Wall, World Trade Gallery, NY, NY(Group)



Dragonlife, Lowbrow Artique, NY, NY(3rd Solo)

All City Expo, BK, NY (Group)

Muse, Bk, NY (Group)

Shake Shack, Reed Space, NY (Group)



Celebration of Summer, Imitate Modern, London, UK (Group)

What a Character, Lowbrow Artique, NY, NY(Curator)

Graffuturism, 1Am Gallery, San Francisco, CA (Group)

Paradise Lost, Unknowns Gallery, Miami, FL (Group)



Young New Yorkers (Auction)

Red, Black and White, Studio J, NY, NY (Group)

Bakers Dozen, Lowbrow Artique, BK NY (Group)

Spectrum, Gallery Brooklyn, BK, NY (Group

Viewings, Lawrence Fine Arts, Hamptons, NY (Group)

Detention, Soto Velex Ciultrual Center, NY, NY(Group)

Armory Arts Fair, NY, NY (Group)



Red Bull Curates NY BK, NY (Group)

Geometricks, Gallery Brooklyn, BK, NY(Group)

Cause & Effect, Franklin Space, BK, NY (Group)

Welcome/Neighborhood ,Lowbrow Artique, BK, NY (Group)

Street Artists Unite, Dorian Grey Gallery, NY, NY (Group)

Group Graff, Dorian Grey Gallery, NY, NY( Group)

Pillars of Hip-Hop Exhibit”, NY, NY (Group)

Color & Motion, Mighty Tanaka Gallery, BK, NY (Group)

Armory Art Fair, w/ Mighty Tanaka Gallery NY, NY (Group)



Technicolor Daydreams, Brooklyn Oenology, BK, NY (2nd Solo)

Visions of a Community, Saltspace Gallery, NY, NY (Group)

Dem Bonz: Vinyl culture show, Zakka, BK, NY Group)



Gettin Paid with Razorblades, Monroe Gallery, NY, NY (1st Solo)

Come Out to Play, Freshthetic, BK, NY (Group)

Across The Board, Soapstone Gallery, NY, NY (Group)

Methods NYC Artist Series, Methods NY, NY (Solo)

Graffolution, Soapstone Gallery, NY, NY (Group)