Artist Info

Abstract Artist • Graffiti Writer •  • Illustrator • Muralist

A native of Queens, New York City, artist Jemal “See One” McClary was born in 1980. His creativity and rich imagination were sparked from 3 years old with his earliest forays into art starting with a simple crayon. As a young boy, See One’s passion for art started with character illustration nurtured by comic books, anime, and the vibrant graffiti that colored the urban scene from the late 80s to the early 2000s. He took his love for graffiti a step further in 1997, which began with painting urban landscapes with his eye-catching tags and has since grown exponentially in his 26 years of artistic experience.

Over the years these interests have been honed to the adventures of a singular character, Miru. This little blue dragon has made appearances in the artist’s public work through wheat pastes, stickers, murals, a published comic series.

 See One has been exhibiting his works since 2007 in New York City, Miami, The Hamptons, Denver, and London in multiple solo and group shows.The artist was  featured in Wooster Collective 10th Anniversary Magazine, celebrating 10 years of influential New York City graffiti and street art culture. Recently, he was tapped as a live artist at Rock the Bells  annual festival in Queens, NY (2023), celebrating visual creators and 50 years of Hip-Hop Music all while pushing the culture forward.

 In 2009 See One branched into abstract fine arts, he was curious to explore artistically and create something new. Developing a distinct style he called “Shards”. These works - lively, layered, dynamic and sharp, like broken glass - were interwoven with tags, textures and depth, creating a sense of motion and progression. See One’s work goes beyond just an aesthetic appeal. The jagged lines in his shards are more than artistic elements - His assortment of tags and collages, coupled with his signature shards, provide a creative reflection representing years of experience, skill, style and journey as an artist.